Brandt Carmichael

Brandt Carmichael is a young, bright, musician from Royal Center, Indiana.

Brandt started playing music when he was just four years old, when his parents Kevin and Jody Carmichael got him a guitar and drums for Christmas. Brandt entered a Talent Show shortly after and rocked out Bob Seger's  "Old Time Rock  And Roll"  Although he did not win it drove him to work harder with his music,  Adding the piano to his list of talents Brandt always had the work ethic that left him striding for more!

At age 12 Brandt started an annual event called "A  Little Help For My Friends" A benefit for the Emmaus Mission Center. This event was held at McHale Performing Arts Center. Brandt raised over seven thousand dollars for the mission over the course of four years.

After years of hard work and dedication, Brandt lives for music and now performing 100 dates per year!

Conquering stages across the country leaving crowds wanting more, This teenage boy from Indiana packs a punch with his Country/Southern Rock roots..

When Brandt isn't on the road he runs a sound production company and DJ service.

  (574-732-1742) or (765-210-1884)  Call and Book Today!

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